SMS Delivery Options

SMS Can Be Delivered Through 3 Means

We take pride in the development of applications and customized solutions created by JorMall’s developers to suite your business goals and needs.

SMS Delivery Platform

JorMall’s delivery platform is an online application (Portal) capable of delivering SMS to your database directly from your computer, wherever you are. The Platform also allows you to manage your database, schedule messages automatically and provides you with real time SMS delivery report. JorMall so far sold around 3500 SMS delivery platforms to Jordanian companies, such as banks, malls, schools, hospitals, pharmacies and associations. Our effort is to continuously improve efficiency and give required results to our customers, therefore we created several customized solutions that can be added to the main SMS delivery platform to allow you to communicate directly with your customers.

Gateway Messages Delivery

A piece of code, developed by JorMall that can be integrated into your system that allows you to send an SMS automatically after a condition is met. Whether giving a loyal customer a special offer, sending a verification code, withdrawing money from a bank, reminding clients of payments or an appointment, JorMall’s gateway is an easy to use, set-and-forget, proven channel of immediate communication with your customer.

Messages Delivery Through JorMall

To gain new customers, you can make use of our profiled and segmented database of over 5.5 million phone numbers. Our professional and experienced order processing department will work with you through every step, from deciding on your target audience to working on the message’s content and selecting the right time to send.

Our 18 years’ experiences have helped us streamline this process for optimum efficiency so we can send messages within minutes or pre-schedule them. Of course, our team is fully up-to-date with all the rules and regulations of the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission so we always remain compliant.

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