Bulk SMS Solutions

SMS Is A Universal Communication Tool That Plays An Important Role In Today’s Dynamic And Fast Paced World.

SMS marketing due to its competitive rates and immediate results continues to be a top performing and effective marketing channel. JorMall's SMS messaging remains the quickest and most direct way to communicate with your customers and consumers.

Mobile marketing requires specialized technology, skills, and expertise. As we move to a world where the use of data plays a significant role, our challenge is to understand the technology and always keep it updated.

Our 18 years’ experience, over 5.5 million Jordanian mobile phone numbers across the 3 mobile phone networks (Zain, Orange, Umniah) profiled and updated and a dedicated order processing department made us the partner of choice for over 5,000 clients to date.

With a delivery system, built in-house by some of the top telecom engineers in the business, capable of delivery 800 SMS/second gives us the fastest delivery speed in the country.

The database, that we have built over the years gets constantly updated with new consumer data. Profiling segmentations include Location, Shopping behaviour, Economic class, Professions, Nationality, Age & Gender.

More Reasons to Choose SMS Marketing

  • Compatible with all mobile phones.

  • Trackable – know the delivered quantities with certified operator reports.

  • Measurable – Measure your Campaign’s Impact.

  • Targeted Reach.

  • Versatile – Add on forms/surveys, website & social media links, catalogs, vouchers, chatbots and more.

Three Main SMS Types

Commercial Messages

These types of SMS are those related to promotional or commercial content. According to the TRC Regulations, commercial messages should not be sent out before 9:00 am and/or after 7:00 pm from Saturday – Thursday. The Sender ID of commercial messages should start with the letters “adv” before your company’s name.

Service Messages

Are informative messages that cover all communications between your company/organization and your customers or members base. Service messages should not have any commercial content and can be sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Sender ID of service messages can be without the letters “adv”.

Financial & Transactional Messages

These types of messages are sent when a transaction occurs.

They can be sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Sender ID of service messages can be without the letters “adv”.

SMS Solutions For All Industries

Every business can leverage the power of SMS to generate revenue or become more efficient.

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